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Stat Daily Pretox Capsules - 8 Day Course x 1 bottle

Stat Daily Pretox Capsules - 8 Day Course x 1 bottle
Product Code: Stat Daily Pretox Capsules x 1 bottle
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1 x Bottle of STAT Daily Pretox Capsules

STAT Daily Pretox provides an exclusive blend of herbal nutrients to support the body during the detoxification process. Each ingredient was chosen to provide the best cleanse and, as a result, a healthy body. The blend is an excellent formula for your liver, kidney and blood.


Celery Seed to provide kidney and liver support.

Milk Thistle to support the Liver.

Cornsilk to support natural system flush of unwanted toxins.

Butcher’s Broom supports a healthy circulatory system.

Barberry naturally contains berberine which is uniquely qualified for detox support in the digestive system.

Grape Skin antioxidant properties support healthy detoxification.


Please Note: Contains 48 Capsules - Enough for 8 days of detoxing. This is usually sufficient for someone that was a light user and has had at least 14 days since their last "indiscretion" but is still showing traces of THC in their test samples.

Those with higher "toxin" levels, ie: Moderate to heavy users, or any user with less than 14 days since their last "indiscretion", or any user with a bodyweight over 90kg, should allow for at least 14 days of detoxing to be clear, so some people may require 2 bottles (enough for 16 day of detoxing).


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